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A checking account is a valuable tool that can help you accomplish your financial goals. With a checking account, you can develop a relationship with a bank or credit union. You can save yourself the cost and hassle of using check-cashing services and other financial products. CheckWise can help you learn the basics of handling a checking account. You'll learn how to use online banking and bill pay services, write checks, reconcile your account and more.


  • Hands-on activities allow you to practice paying bills online, writing checks, recording purchases and payments in a check register, and reconciling your account. Practicing these activities can help you do them more confidently when you have your own account.

  • You'll learn how to choose a financial institution and an account that's right for you. You'll want to find a bank or credit union that offers accounts and services that fit your needs.

  • You'll learn why having a checking account can actually help you avoid check-cashing and other costly services.

  • You'll learn how to keep your account safe from phishing and other scams.

  • Completing CheckWise sends a positive signal to financial institutions. When you complete CheckWise, you will receive a certificate that you can present to a bank or credit union in your area. You will also be registered in a national database that serves as a permanent record of your CheckWise graduate information. You must meet all requirements of the financial institution before you can open a new account.


This program is very helpful for people that have a very busy lif and have no time to attend classes. I learned a lot form this online program.

The course was a bit involved, but I honestly got a lot out of it, more than I expected to. I will definately pay more attention to my banking. Thank-you.

i\'ve never actually sat down and learned everything about the backing and credit union system, this helped me alot and i will definatly be using the information i learned and practiced here in the future.

It taught me more than I ever expected. It was fantastic.

Thank you very much for having this service, it has been a long time since I have had a bank account and did not think it was possible. Someone was thinking of me. Thank you

I learned quite a lot about the financial system in this course. I also learned the legal agencies that are involved in insuring the deposited funds. I now understand how important it is to keep up with your receipts and fees charged from non-network atm\'s and make sure to take time out to reconcile every month. Thank you.

I am thankful I was able to take this online course to learn how to change my bad habits into good ones that will improve my future! Thank you!

I am really thankful for this program you are giving me a second chance to re make my life. Thank You for all of your great work. :)

I am shocked at how much I didn\'t know! I will now handle my accounts correctly. I think this program should be a mandatory course in all high schools in America! I am going to be sure my daughter and her close friends take the online course.

Thank you so much for this resource. This program was very helpful and easy to understand. I feel more confident on how to keep track of the money in my accounts and am more aware of the frauds that can happen and how to prevent them from happening.

It was extremely useful and I learned a lot of important information that I thought I knew.

I learned a lot from this course, things i wish i had learned 14 years when i first opened a checking account.

Great class

I can now better manage debt and checking payments

This class was very beneficial in maintaining and keeping a positive bank account

Good class

The class was very helpful, i gained some insightful information that i was not aware of.

I enjoyed taking this course, it was great refresher.

Excellent program!! Thanks!

Actually very informative and expanded on what i already knew, as well as taught me some new things...Overall glad I took it!

The course was very detailed and helpful

This survey taught me valuble lessons about keeping my account balanced and pay attention to my monthly statements

It was helpful

Great program for those new to checking or wishing to review good habits and practice.

Since I was never taught the right way of maintaining a checking account, this was very helpful. I found out a lot information that I should have known,

I would recommend this to teenagers barely learning to use a bank account

I learned a lot about the differences between banks and credit unions that I did not know before. I will use all the knowledge I gained from taking this course to bring my credit back up and maintain an excellent credit score. Thank You

Course was a good learning tool!

Thank you for this service. Basic knowledge is a must!!

Thank you great information

Excellent course

I learned a lot and it was a good course.

I appreciate that all the answers are in the reading material. The material was very helpful! Thank you!

This is the best financial course I have taken. I feel well prepared and educated to meet my financial goals. Thank you!

Great program for persons just starting out or for a refresher course to individuals to improve there skills with financial needs.

This was a good learning experience.

This was very informative. Thank you.

Great and useful information

Great class


This program would be a good learning tool for high schools students

Thank you.

It was a complete and alot more information about things I didn't know about finances

Thank goodness for checkwise!


Good program. I would recommend it.

Great information, informative, simple but direct and easy to understand. The activities were very helpful! -

Good solid teachings about banking.

I can actually say I learned somethingtaking this class.

Easy and Helpful

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How do I know if CheckWise will help me?

A.) CheckWise is a basic course to help you learn how to handle a checking account. If you have never had an account before, or you've had trouble keeping an account and you need a second chance, CheckWise is ideal for you. If you have a checking account and would like a refresher on how to manage it well and keep it balance, CheckWise can help you, too. CheckWise is also ideal for teens who may be getting ready to open their first checking accounts.

Q.) Learning about checking accounts and those financial terms like reconcile and phishing sounds confusing. Will a book about checking accounts be hard to understand?

A.) CheckWise is written in easy-to-understand language. Everything you need to do, and all the terms you'll need to know, are clearly explained. The book and online program are user-friendly enough for anyone – from teens on up – to understand.

Q.) I had a checking account, but I got myself into trouble with it. Why should I try to get an account again? Can't I just use check-cashing services and pre-paid cards?

A.) By taking CheckWise, you'll learn how to handle your account well. Having an account can potentially save you money, because check-cashing and other financial products like pre-paid cards can cost you a lot in fees. CheckWise even compares some costs so you'll how much money you could save by using a checking account instead of other products.

System requirements (Online version only)

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or above

  • Internet Access

  • Windows XP SP 2 or above

  • E-mail account

  • Java Script should be enabled

  • Java should be enabled (download here)

  • Cookies should be enabled

Financial Education Programs benefit you

You make decisions about money every day – some minor, some that will affect you for years. If you've got questions about repairing or improving your credit and credit score, using a budget, or getting out of debt, you've come to the right place. Financial Education Programs gives you the resources you can need to achieve financial freedom.

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