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Find the road to financial freedom with these education programs

Money & Faith in Motion

Start Right

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Money & Faith in Motion shows you how to manage your money well, while doing so in a way that seeks to glorify God. Money & Faith in Motion shows you how your finances and your faith interact. Money & Faith in Motion takes you step by step through information you need to know so you can manage your money with confidence. At the same time, you'll learn biblical principles that reinforce how important it is to handle your finances well. Money & Faith in Motion makes money management a topic that's easy to understand, so that anyone can do it. The Money & Faith in Motion online program is compatible with nearly every existing software package, and the website is easy to navigate.


  • Find out what financial freedom means, and how you can plan for it. Financial freedom is not just for the wealthy. Learn how the Bible defines financial freedom and how you can achieve it.

  • Develop goals and a spending plan that can get results. When you set goals, you can achieve more than you thought possible. A spending plan based on your goals will help you use your money to do what is important to you.

  • Understand your credit report and credit score. Credit is a financial tool that can benefit you. You can learn to use it carefully so that it enhances your life.

  • Learn about contracts and consumer laws and the ways they affect you. Contracts are everywhere; find out what you should know before you sign one. Money & Faith in Motion will help you become an educated consumer who knows where to find help when faced with scams and other problems.

  • Enrich your faith by answering questions and reviewing Bible passages. Reflect on the lessons with a prayer provided at the end of each chapter. The online program provides links and locations for specific Bible verses so you can study what the Bible says about money.

  • You'll learn how to avoid common, costly mistakes with your money. The information in Money & Faith in Motion will show you how to avoid many financial mishaps, and how to recover if you suffer financial difficulties. Money & Faith in Motion draws on 37 years of experience from personal finance experts in the credit counseling industry, and guidance from the Black Hills Biblical Institute.


Pretty good workbook with lots of good advice. In comparison to the Dave Ramsey stuff, I think it’s good because it explains things much more and better. The Dave Ramsey stuff sort of just tells one what to do without much in the why category. Money & Faith in Motion does a much better job of explaining why. It also simplifies things and has more in depth step-by-step instructions, which is better for people with little financial know-how. I certainly recommend this book, in particular for people with little financial knowledge.

The thing I liked the most about Money & Faith in Motion was that it understood that I live in the real world -- where credit cards are necessary at times. It didn\'t want me to go to a cash-only system or assume I could find investments with big returns. It gave realistic examples and practical advice that gave me hope that -- with God\'s help -- I could conquer my debt. I\'d never tried a budgeting worksheet before, but the ones offered were amazingly simple to use and really put our finances into perspective.

I would tell everyone to use this program. My grandson would love to take this class.

It’s a good refresher even for those who aren’t in financial straits.

This is awesome! I would highly recommend this to everyone. Thank you so much!

Very necessary for everyone. Great course!

This resource would be good for a singles group.

Thank you. Enjoyed tying my faith into this learning for my CEU's. Helped me grow spiritually as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) I'd rather take the course online so I can do it at home. Will I get the same information online as I would in the book?

A.) Yes, you will. All of the tools featured in the book are provided in multiple formats online. The downloadable forms are compatible with various kinds of software. Whether you choose to print or save, the forms are yours to keep. The online program allows you to record your notes in text boxes, store your answers online and print them if you wish. You'll also have access to Bible websites where you can look up verses online.

Q.) I like the idea of faith-based bankruptcy education, but I haven't studied the Bible a lot. Will I understand the information in Money & Faith in Motion?

A.) Yes, the information in Money & Faith in Motion is easy to understand, even if you only know a little about managing your money or about the Bible. The online program guides you chapter by chapter through topics about money management, and specific Bible verses that apply to those topics. The Money & Faith in Motion program shows you how those Bible verses and good financial principles fit together.

Q.) Is Money & Faith in Motion only for a certain age group of bankruptcy filers?

A.) Money & Faith in Motion offers information about the basics of dealing with money, credit and debt that is useful and appropriate for adults of all ages.

System requirements (Online version only)

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  • Java should be enabled (download here)
  • Cookies should be enabled
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