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Rebuilding Your Credit

Rebuilding Your Credit

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If you have been experiencing financial hardship, you may be looking forward to getting out from under the weight of your debt and starting again. You probably have lots of questions as you rebuild financially. The practical information in Rebuilding Your Credit will prepare you for the process of starting over with your finances and credit.


  • Rebuilding Your Credit helps you understand the importance of good credit. Even if you think you never want to use credit cards or take out a loan again, you need good credit. Your credit report and credit score can affect your ability to get a job, rent or buy a home, and get better insurance rates.

  • You'll learn the basics of creating a workable budget for yourself and your family. Using a budget is the best way to stabilize your financial life and make sure, every month, that you have enough money to pay your bills and pay for necessary expenses, such as groceries.

  • You'll learn why saving money is important – even if you start with amounts as small as the loose change you find in your couch or your pockets. Having an emergency fund is a way of protecting yourself when you're faced with unexpected expenses.

  • You'll learn how to dispute errors on your credit report and dispute calls from debt collectors. As a consumer recovering from bankruptcy, one of the most important things you can do is advocate for yourself and make sure your credit report accurately reflects your finances.


I got something out of each chapter. Thanks

That it is as important to pay myself (savings)as it is to pay all the rest of my bills.

Great program

After experiencing financial hardship this is exactly what I needed. This program should be required in all the schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How long does it take to rebuild my credit and finances.

A.) You could begin to see progress in a few months. Just keep in mind that fully rebuilding your credit is a long-term goal. There are no quick fixes when you are re-establishing your credit. However, it's possible to rebuild your credit in as little as two years. It's a process that will require effort and diligence, and to do it well, it will take time.

Q.) After going through financial hardship, I don't think I ever want to use credit again. Can this book really help me?

A.) Yes. Rebuilding Your Credit covers topics such as having emergency funds, using a budget, and offers many tips for saving money. You'll want to read the information about rebuilding credit, too, because your credit score and credit report can help or hurt your efforts to get a job and rent or buy a home.

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Financial Education Programs benefit you You make decisions about money every day – some minor, some that will affect you for years. Wouldn’t it be great to have advice about managing your money available when you need it? Financial Education Programs give you information you can use to achieve a bright financial future.

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