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Counseling in Motion, Bankruptcy Edition (CIMBK) presents the facts about bankruptcy in an easy-to-understand manner, and helps you take a close look at your finances, so you’re prepared to go through bankruptcy. You’ll learn about:

  • the process of filing for bankruptcy
  • the types of bankruptcy
  • the effects of bankruptcy on your credit
  • options other than bankruptcy that are available to you when you have financial problems
  • causes of bankruptcy
  • why and how to make a budget
  • ways to economize and live well while spending less

Counseling in Motion, BK Edition is an interactive program that lets you work at your own pace as you go through the information and activities.

  • You’ll get the facts about bankruptcy. Counseling in Motion, BK Edition (CIMBK) gives you an overview of bankruptcy, including the professionals involved, documents you’ll need to provide your attorney, means tests, debts that can be discharged in bankruptcy, and frequently asked questions about bankruptcy.

  • You’ll pinpoint the factors that caused you to consider bankruptcy. Often, people choose to file bankruptcy after trying to cope with multiple hardships that led to financial problems. You’ll identify the events or factors that have affected your finances to the point that you are considering bankruptcy.

  • Interactive forms allow you to itemize your debts and assets. You’ll list all the credit cards, loans, etc., you have, and the assets you own, so you have a clearer idea of how many debts you have, how much you owe, and the resources you might have to help you pay your debts.

  • List your monthly bills and expenses. A section of Counseling in Motion, BK Edition asks you to list your monthly bills and expenses so you can identify exactly what you spend money on each month.

  • Interact with a counselor who can help you develop a realistic spending plan. By listing your debts, assets and budget, your counselor has information so that he/she can create a spending plan for you that might help you reduce your spending and pay off debts.

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  • Internet Access

  • Windows 8 or above

  • E-mail account

  • Java Script should be enabled

  • Cookies should be enabled

After writing my expenses down on paper, I could really see how things add up that are things I can control, like meals at work.

Just understanding better about the process is helpful.

I was not familiar with the different types of bankruptcies and also the different options available. It was also good to know the pros and cons of the options available.

I found the entire program very enlightening. The material was easy to understand, I could work at my own pace. I found I could go back and review different sections. Once everything was on paper, it was quite a shock

Organizing all my creditors, because at this point it was all scrambled in my head, was good. When I got tired of reading, I thought the animated person with sound was good and very helpful.

I feel that the overall presentation/content of the program was helpful to me along with the lawyer that took the time to listen to me prior to signing up for this program. The lawyer guided me to this program as a prerequisite to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I truly appreciate everyone's effort on my behalf.

It is informative, convenient and the counselor response was fast.

How to make and use a budget was helpful.

Doing the actual budget and list of creditors to see exactly where I stand was helpful.

Describing the different steps to filing bankruptcy was good.

Becoming aware of all my debts and expenses so I can take the steps to reduce them and get my budget back in balance was helpful.

The explanation of debt consolidation was good. The pros and cons of the different options to get rid of my debt was helpful.

All the information was very helpful and the breakdown of each section explained things I really hadn't thought.

All parts were helpful.

Knowing where my money is going and how much money I need to make to be stress free is helpful.

I got a better understanding of certain goals I need to set and sticking to a good budget.

Listing all of my creditors helped me.

Do not use credit cards ever. I cannot pay on them. I do not need them in my life. I can better budget my life and finances.

It provided me an opportunity to examine my spending and needs at this time.

Having an action plan developed with specific time-frames in order to better plan for the future is helpful.

The part where I had to list my income versus my monthly expenses was most helpful.

I didn’t know about some of the requirements that I have to have before I file. Thank you for all the information.

Getting to see it all on paper was helpful.

Listing creditors and monthly expenses to give me a look at what I have and need was helpful.

I now have the clear understanding on what filing bankruptcy means.

Understanding debt management vs. debt consolidation helped me.

My budget picture was pretty revealing.

Reviewing my budget allowed me to have a better understanding of managing finances.

Seeing the budget with the list of creditors and the action plan was helpful.

It’s helping us budget our money better.

Information regarding lines of credit post-bankruptcy and types of companies that are not beneficial in resolving debt was helpful.

In every part is something that caught my attention. I intend to use all that I retain to better my life financially and stability.

It was good information. Good class for those in a financial situation.

It made me realize just how far I had put myself in debt. I used to have an excellent paying job and was buying a home but, due to unforeseen circumstances, am in a huge financial bind and no longer own a home.

Informing me "without counsel" the steps and process of filing for a bankruptcy helped me. Many options on ways to repay my debt. Starting over can place me in high interest rates and being mindful of that. Overall, the experience was helpful and I will implement the tools learned through your to establish a better financial future for myself. Thank you

Review of budget, areas we did not think of before, helped us. Also the explanation of options, procedures, ideas for future money responsibility.

Budgeting and listing of assets and debts helped us.

The program made it easy to see how much money can be spend on day to day supplies

The way the information was laid out and the various options presented in the counseling were good.

All aspects of this program were gratefully and equally helpful.

Listing all our creditors, so I see exactly the amount we owe, was good.

Having the knowledge to understand how to better budget my finance and not to overspend which can get me into debt.

To see the layout of our debts and financial obligations was helpful.

Learning how I should better manage my money. Credit cards with high interest rates are really hard to pay off.

Now I know the options of bankruptcy and better budgeting.

How the bankruptcy process works. Being able to complete the program online helped me.

I got an overall understanding of the financial outlook for my current situation. The budget and action plan were very helpful.

The tips on keeping tabs on our expenses were helpful.

The online course gave a good understanding of the process and questions I should ask lawyer

Everything was presented in a simple and easy to understand format.

Gathering all the information and seeing it in print allowed me to take control of my situation and make informed decisions.

Information on my options and what to expect when filing bankruptcy was helpful.

Being able to set out all my expenses and income made me realize that it is not possible to continue with the snowball effect that has started.

My budget, my list of creditors and my list of assets is a good picture of my current financial condition.

I feel that my lawyer kept me well informed, but this program just reinforced all my options.

It showed me never to use credit cards again ... do not buy what I cannot afford ... and to live within my means.

The overview was full of helpful information about bankruptcy. Listing my expenses gave me a good look into my lifestyle.

Everything seemed very clear and helpful. I kind of already knew the process of bankruptcy but any extra info is never bad.

The whole program was helpful to me ... very helpful. It explained so much that I needed to know.

I think every part of this program was helpful and informational.